Confessions of a blender newb

Ok, so I’ve been using blender for months now and have always been MANUALLY adjusting the camera by entering the exact position and angle and/or moving/rotating it around… then I recently watched a video where someone parented it to an empty… that was a huge DUH moment for me, I was wasting all that time manually adjusting the camera when that’s all I had to do… but I’m still not 100% on that. after I parent it the camera still isn’t looking directly AT the empty, can someone shed some light on this topic to save me the agony of manually adjusting the camera lol

thanks :slight_smile:

Select the Camera, then Shift Select the Empty.

go object > track > make track… OR Ctrl+T

select the Trackto Constraint option.

Select only the empty and wiggle it about.

Patient sir, that is f’ing awesome… I love it, thanks!!!

also, if with the camera selected, in camera view, you hit ‘shiftF’, you go into ‘fly mode’, and you can use W for forward, S for reverse, and navigate through your scene with the mouse ( for steering ).
(edit) oh, and spacebar to exit fly mode.