Config Shortcuts with python

I just purchased a Loupedeck CT, it has knobs and love to use them to move in the timeline.

In keymaps Preferences, to move the timeline back and forward, is assigned to left and right arrows, wich in config, the command is: screen.frame_offset

This works fine assigning left arrow to turning left a knob, and right to turning right the same knob.

Now I would like to assign to another knob, moving the end limit of animation or render zone, to do that, I should give a key to adding or retrieving a position to the end limit:


If I right-clic on the End slider and do Copy Data Path or Copy as new Driver, it just copy the name of that command to access that slider it just copy the slider’s name:

then I try the CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + C to copy the End slider data, it gives me:[“Scene”].frame_end

If I paste it to the Keymap config, it does nothing, it seems to me that this is only for scripting but not for the config:

My question is: Is there a way to get the data of that slider to assign a shortcut to add or retrieve a position to the End limits slider in the Keymap config?

You can’t bind hotkeys directly to scene data, only operators. If you’re trying to change the final frame of the clip I’m not aware of a built-in operator that will allow you to increment/decrement it. Luckily, it’s a pretty trivial operator to write using the data path that you’ve already found.

But I can bind a key to set the start or end limits of an animation, it’s already binded to CTRL + end with anim.end_frame_set

I thought if you can set the end frame where the animation cursor is, I could bind to add +1 every time I press a key, like using anim.end_frame_offset or something like that.

if that’s how the operator were coded, sure- but it’s not.

ok thanks.