“Hello? Anybody there?”

Another shapy artwork I’ve done in Blender, just trying out some lights and material testing. Hope you like it. Post work done with gimp. :wink:

Here it is ->

for some reason i love ur style…its simple…it’s original…and is among my favourite now…keep this up…4 stars!

I can’t really find anything wrong considering the style, sure it’s simple but the mood is cleverly created and gets the job done.

Yeah, this very-simple style has some real possibilities. (Hey, The Simpsons and so-called “Japanese animation” are no more technically-sophisticated and look how far they went!) The notion of a world of characters based on rounded soft simple-block shapes actually has a very strong appeal.

So, go for it! And name your first Rolls-Royce after me.

Modeling-wise its very simple, but you’ve made up for it with a good mood. I really like the colors and the lighting.

excellent lighting

You’ve created an interesting mood with this piece. I’m somewhat confused about the story its trying to tell. However, the fact that it is telling a story at all takes it well beyond much of what is posted in FP. You’ve left a lot to the viewer’s interpretation, which is a good thing, actually! Keep 'em coming!

Yeah, I agree with mzungu! Awesome lighting there! Keep up the good work.


Wow, thanks for that much inspiring and mind-warming comment. Thankies. I really loved to be here. I’ve been submitting my artworks at but I don’t seem to “feel” the replies as to the blender feel of it, I want them to see just how good this program is, and am really trying my very best to learn the tool, very much. Thanks so much for the very kind comment. It was really an honor being here and getting these comments from you.

I hope I can get over this artist block again. hehe! =)

Yikes! I don’t want to spoil the story behind the pic. hehe! =p

Thank you so much for appreciating my work. =)

Gee, really? Thanks, mate. =)

I may be just repeating the others but thats some deep lighting
–just a question (im trying to improve my lighting skills)
which rendering engine did you use? blender internal? and what lighting technique did you use?
once again nice mixture of simple modeling and complex lighting!

Everyone above me has made the points that I would make.

Great work.


Hi, thanks. =)

I used the internal renderer of Blender here, didn’t actually focus on using any actual lamp except for the faked shadows. I primarily used radiosity rendering for everything. =)

i liked the way you mad those colors!

Nice job man I really like the mood in this one lighting is excellent keep it up

i really do like this primitiv stile