Conflagerating your system.

I’ve just realised something.

I seem to spend all my time swapping operating systems and tweaking software and trying to get this bit of software working and that bit of software working and getting everylast bit of hardware workign with linux, rather than using my system to blend…

Past 2 weeks I wasted every evening trying to get the wacom tablet working under linux… wasted time recompiling the kernel, downloading different kernel, tryign to compile the new kernel, reinstall the linux, rinse, repeat. :x

I’m kinda getting fed up with this - my free time is little enough as it is without wasting evenings faffing about with software…

Just wondering if anyone else feels the same?

Perhaps its partly my problem as I tend to get episodes where I obssively lock on to something (for example getting the wacom tablet workign in linux) to the detriment of everthing else (which even resulted in my foul behaviour on #blenderchat, for which I apologise!)



I consider my free time too valuable to do that. That’s why I took a Mac 15 years ago, and never have any regrets about this.

things simply work and stay so, even if I had or remove stuff.
I never stop the comp, only for critical updates.

Macs are a little higher priced, but tend to resell well, so it’s only an investment.

Ehm isn’t the point of linux the installations? That’s why I use it atlest, since it’s not usable for my purposes in other ways(unless I do a lot of work on it)

A quote that somebody used on another forum:(translated) “Linux is only free if your time is worthless.” And that’s kinda true. Luckily for me, my time is worthless, so it’s okay… :smiley:

Otherwise I recomend XP, or if you got some extra money that you want to spend, mac.

I kinda feel same way. I have winXp and Linux (FC2) on my machine, and I have to admit that windows lets user have easier usage of their computers than Linux, which still does not use my sound card even when I spent hours installing and compiling ALSA drivers.

Linux will never hit big in regular home use if it does not get rid of those time consuming instalations. IMHO

hence i use WinXP.

linux proved to much of a hassle, and waste of time.


I Use Mac os 10.x on my work and Win XP Prof at home. When I’m at work, the Mac does always gives at least 2 crashes or 5 errors a day. And Mac OSX is as buggy as hell. Sorry to complain about that, but even windows 95 is more stable then that Max OSx version.

I use Win XP prof for 3 years now, and it works fine. The first year I had a lot of error, crashes, but now it didn’t even crash in 1,5 year. The reason that I found, every time I update windows XP it gets messed up, lags, errors, crashes. Now I reinstalled Win XP, and didn’t get nay service packs, updates at all except software updates like windows mediaplayer and such. It works fine, even virusses don’t get in even when I see 5 virus/hacking attacks a day in my server log asigned with 404 error which indicates it didn’t works :smiley:

I stay on WIn XP and my server runs smooth on Win 98. You have to learn to use it, when you did that you will encounter less then 1 crash a year. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason that I found, every time I update windows XP it gets messed up, lags, errors, crashes.
I’ve got that, but also since installing gaming patches(bfv) I got the blue screen(xp) twice in a week! Had to update the videocard, but that caused problems too…

Some interesting replies.

I would love a mac, just too expensive :frowning:

But I think I’ll leave linux for the moment untill I get more time to work with it.


Mac’s are ok IMO. i use them daily, so a similarish amount as a PC with WinXP.

but MAC’s have a totally different set of issues than Windows, so what works one might be a quirk on the other.


You have a serious problem with your comp or your config. Os X is rock solid, and in 5 years I had exactly one crash of system, and uptimes in the 3 month range ! And I use X11 and some alpha apps.

the most likely issue is a bad driver.

I know about many dozen of Os X setups, and they are all stable.

Application may crash (that’s not the OS problem) but should not take down the system, that the whole point of having a BSD core.

Well I have used Windows XP for the last year or so and I havn’t had one crash. MY old windows use to crash all the time though, but there were previous computer owners :expressionless: I really think that it depends on how well you manage your computer and take care of it. I myself don’t like windows because of how its forced on PC users by microsoft, and it has some errors with in its speed. But eh, its what I use.

I have winXP on one comp and had ME on the other(now that one is also XP). ME crashed about twice a day and XP hasn’t crashed once (I already have it for 2 years).

I’ve had XP for about two years now. Not a single crash. I’m glad I got rid of win98SE.

Damn I shouldn’t have posted! …I don’t really know what happend, I know I had HD problem(which I thouth was a virus-scanned, delteded some files); went to update, I downloaded a crittical update, when I restarted…a dll was missing!(I didn’t touch anything in the sys32 folder!)…tried everything…couldn’t boot in safemode…Reinstalled XP!!! :x
Here’s the good news: It didn’t delete most of my ref material…and downloads(blender and the like)…reinstalling software wasnt hard…
THE BAD NEWS: IT DELETED EVERY INSTANCE OF BLENDER! Including everything in the folders(NJ3.0==2.0, bye abrams, patton, buildings…) :frowning: :frowning:

a glimer oflhope…I use UVmapper and export to obj format in a folder not deleted—I have most of the pieces of the abrams! the turret of the nj, and the hull!-just have to re-remodel the superstructure…

Leason learned: Back-up(cd-r) important files every 2month!

another lesson. partition your HDD.

multiple partitions/disks will mean that a reinstall will never effect anything important.

i have reinstalled WinXP and not lost anything, nor did i need to use a backup (although i did one anyway)


Thats a good idea - my partitioning scheme is this:

5Gb Windows only partition

1.5GB Swap partition

4 gig partition for stuff like email clients / virus tools / system tools / web stuff and general applications

60 Gig partition for big applications like gimp / blender / etc etc, also my projects and data

Finally 5.5 GB “scratch” partition used for rendering out frames of animations / temp files /

So if windows goes funny, just format the windows partition and reinstall, every other partition is safe!

I certainly do not recommend just having one big C partition.

Other advantage is you can keep the windows partition defragged a lot easier if its only 5gig, compared to a 80 gig c partition!


my C partition isn’t even my windows partition LOL (stupid windows)

so my first HDD is partitioned like so

C= 32 Gb Fat32 (documents, and downloaded install files, so if i wipe the OS i can install all my software within minutes)

D= 8 Gb NTFS (WinXP) (swap space also)

E= 64 Gb NTFS (multimedia)

I= 8 Gb (dunno what the heck this is, used to be linux, but that got BALTETED)

my second HDD
4Gb Swap space, and scratch disk for PS/gimp



C: 80GB all stuff, including winXP.
D: 80GB Back ups from C

Have to join the crowd…
My 1st HD:
D:5GB XP; P: 3BG Pictures; Q: 1.5GB Documents; L: 5GB Not mine; C: 20GB Programs and stuff; H: 40GB Shared files;
My 2:nd HD:
E: 72GB Mixed stuff; 16GB Linux; 55GB Unallocated; S: 3GB Backup.

Allocate that 55GB!!!