Conflicts Between Older Tutorials and Latest Blender Releases

I’m brand new to the Blender universe and just downloaded version 2.47 a while back.
Unfortunately most online tutorials, including nearly all of those over at, have been written for previous versions. So I’ll be trying to follow a particular tutorial, and suddenly a command button will be referenced that’s either been renamed or moved (or maybe no longer even exists).
Or else the tutorial will splash a screen capture of the Blender menu interface with pertinent buttons highlighted… the only problem being that it doesn’t match the 2.47 menu screen I’ve got right in front of me.
The result: I usually end up giving up on the tutorial.
Can someone point out a tutorial or forum thread explaining the differences in the program interface between the various versions?

the release logs page could be useful, maybe:


Often, there is no easy cure for this - tutorials get created and left on various web sites for years. The best way may be to post a question here, giving a link to the tutorial you are following, and where you are stuck.

Best of Luck!

After a year or two, you’ll be quite handy with how things move about. You’ll look back fondly on this time as a valuable learning experience. Until then, if you cant find where a tut says something should be, just ask and we will help u.

OTO, thanks for the links. Plenty of Sunday evening reading to catch up on.
Meanwhile, I’ll keep posting here with questions as you guys suggested.

Okay, I have a question about that ride through the mines tutorial.

How are you supposed to create the straight rails out of curves?

with the point selected, press V to change handle type.