Conforming a mesh on another?


I’m in the process of wrapping some clothes onto my model and I was wondering if there was some easier way to do it than placing it vertex by vertex?

The cloth is a separate object right now and I’ll join it on the model when it’s done. [edit] Or should I? You can assign multiple objects to an armature, so why not keep them separate?

Because you could get body parts poking thru the cloth mesh. If they’re conventional clother a common trick is to steal the verts (of say the shirt) from the original mesh in Edit mode, P to seperate them, Alt-S to scale along normals, add collar, buttons, pockets and wrinkles, then Ctrl-J join it to the original Mesh. Make it a seperate Material to texture it.

For cloaks and such you probably need to do more. A search here for “clothes” or “clothing” will innundate you with past discussions of this topic.


About that… I was thinking that maybe I could somehow set the underlying skin transparent, it wouldn’t matter even if it did poke out. I’m not really 100% sure how this is done, though…

You assign those areas a seperate, transparent Material.