Confrence Hall (Blender Internal Render Engine)

Best Interior render I have managed to get with the (Blender Internal Render Engine).
Click on it to view larger size.

I posted a larger image here.
Critiques/Comments are welcome and appreciated!

I think for BI it’s very good. I can’t actually find too much to gripe about. Someone obviously has a first-rate cleaning service.

Now that you point it out. Yeah it is a bit clean I’m thinking maybe I will add dust and scratches to it. Hadn’t even taken thought of its cleanliness.

Looks good but on the right, through the door,the car doesn’t look right. (I think its a picture?). It just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the scene but great work non-the-less

Two words: Ambient Occlusion.

T.M. is right, the scene is cool but you have to add more ambient occlusion, and the hall will look much better.

Nice modelling and textures! As was already said, you can get more out of BI. I suggest using AO (multiply) with Environment light. Even better if you use a nice background map and set the environment light to sky texture. Area lights in the window openings will give that “light coming from outside” effect. Glass in the window must have “traceable” unchecked (recent discussion on another thread) so light from outside gets in. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’d love to see this redone in cycles for comparison… in fact would’nt mind taking a stab at the conversion if you’re interested? … Nice modelling btw, I especially like the curved ceiling and the detail on it.

I used AO set to .9 (multiply) with Environment light also I used a .hdr background map and set the environment light to sky texture. I used a sun for out side light though other than that lit pretty much how you said. lol I also used indirect light.

Sounds like we use very similar setups :slight_smile: still the AO is not very evident… hmmm… is the scene scaled in meters? I also use the aproximate setting with raytrace gather and .8 distance, though don’t know if that is “it”, I’d say area lights have more impact on the look. Even if they sometimes give some ugly artifacts and samples must be set higher to fix it. it might also be the materials, is there by any chance emit or glossiness on the white walls?
I tried indirect lighting but didn’t manage to get good results so far, only much banding on gradients so for now I gave it up…

I think the AO is not very evident because of how many lights I have in the scene, or mabey because the walls have a mirror value of .04