Confuse about Ralph Nader

I’m confuse on where Ralph Nader stands on politics, I hear that the Green party are communist but the position on where Ralph Nader stands such as getting rid of the patriot act and restoring civil liberties makes me think other wise. Is Ralph a patriot, a washing machine that goes against one thing and support the next like John Kerry or is he trying to wing it so he will get into office ? If this is where he really stands then he would defiantly be a better choice between the two idiots in next election, wouldn’t he ?

Like John Kerry? Are you dense? Every polititian is wishy-washy on issues depending on public support. You say it like it’s unique to him, not like it’s been going on for 300+ years here already.

What ever, but that doesn’t help answering the question.

Google would, if you ever decided to do something yourself.

I already know where the green party stands, I’m interested in other peoples opinon

As I understand it Ralph Nader is running as an independent but is only on 1 state (new mexico) as an offical name of the ballot. The green party refused to support him so he will manually have to get on the 20+ states that the green part would have gotten him on automatically.

The green party usually supports Nader. He is a completely anti-war candidate (Kerry is not anti-war - he is for greater international support for the Iraqi war- which is different). but he draws mostly liberals to vote for him. The upcoming election between Kerry/Bush looks so close that the Green party fears he will take some of the steam out of Kerry’s chance at the White House. This isn’t the first time Nader has screwed up an election for the Democrats and Kerry’s camp is worried. Independants can’t win in a presidential election but they can reduce the chance of someone else from winning (Ross Perot in the Clinton vs. Bush Sr. election).

I think Nader believes in what he is doing and is probably a Patriot, but he will end up helping Bush in the next election cycle.

Ralph Nader on the issues:


Abortion is a woman’s right…Favors…Strongly Favors…Strongly Opposes
Require companies to hire more women & minorities…Favors…Strongly Favors…Favors
Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws …Strongly Favors…Strongly Favors…Opposes
Permit prayer in public schools …Opposes…Opposes…Strongly Favors
More federal funding for health coverage …Strongly Favors…Favors…Favors
Privatize Social Security …Strongly Opposes…Opposes…Strongly Favors
Parents choose schools via vouchers …Strongly Opposes…Strongly Opposes…Strongly Favors
Death Penalty …Strongly Opposes…Strongly Opposes…Strongly Favors
Mandatory Three Strikes sentencing laws …Strongly Opposes…Strongly Opposes…Strongly Favors
Absolute right to gun ownership …Strongly Opposes…Strongly Opposes…Favors
Decrease overall taxation of the wealthy …Strongly Opposes…Opposes…Strongly Favors
Immigration helps our economy-encourage it …Strongly Favors…Favors…Favors
Support & expand free trade …Strongly Opposes…Favors…Strongly Favors
Link human rights to trade with China …Strongly Favors…Strongly Opposes…Opposes
More spending on armed forces personnel …Strongly Opposes…Opposes…Strongly Favors
Reduce spending on missile defense (Star Wars) …Strongly Favors…Favors…Opposes
Seek UN approval for military action …Favors…Strongly Favors…No opinion
Reduce use of coal, oil, & nuclear energy …Strongly Favors…Strongly Favor…Opposes
Drug use is immoral: enforce laws against it …Strongly Opposes…Strongly Opposes…Favors
Allow churches to provide welfare services…Opposes…Favors…Strongly Favors

Interestingly Bush & Kerry aggree on:

  1. Require companies to hire more women & minorities
  2. More federal funding for health coverage
  3. Immigration helps our economy-encourage it
  4. Support & expand free trade
  5. Link human rights to trade with China
  6. Allow churches to provide welfare services

Nader opposes free trade & opposes military spending.

great table, ascotan… where did you find that? ? Now that I see it, he does seem to be a communist, but so are the liberals in my opinion. I don’t think it’s fair to blame Nader for the election turn out, they wouldn’t have anything to worry about if they stick to there principal. I like Howard Stern take on the matter on how swing voters will elect John Kerry because of the terrorism, threats and censorship by the FCC. In my opinion, John Kerry and Ralph Nader seems to be the lessor of Bush evil. How ever, why isn’t Gary Nolan or Harry Brown in the spot light ?

This is a good site for issues about US politics and politicians. Politicians are rated on their major votes. This site has everything regarding current politics.
This has a map of the states and which way they would go if the election were held around this time of year:
(From the map you can see why the Green Party doesn’t want Nader on the ballot in New Mexico…)

Here you can take a quiz which will determine which candidate fits your intrests the best:

These are written responses by the democratic candidates in the primarys: They give a good view of the dems and where they are coming from.

They seem to be balance, I’m going to sign the common law and lower working age petition, will this force states to accept it ?

I did the quiz, and kerry were on second place for me :slight_smile: (58% but I’m european…)
And I’m proud that Bush came last with 18% :smiley:

So I would vote kerry if I lived in US since nader won’t make it anyway, and I’m not even sure that he’s much better…

That’s odd, you strike me more like a Republican, with your anti drug view that is.

I had Nader and Kerry at 65% and 60% respectively and Bush and Cheney at 25% and 23%, last of the bunch.

65% seems rather low though… Maybe that means I disagree with all of them :stuck_out_tongue:


It doesn’t seem the petition thing is working, does it have something to do with Mozilla ?

I like ralph nader becuase he sticks to what he believes (even it is really really stupid) and doesn’t bow to special interest groups.

I just like his comments, I score 90/100 on the grid so it seems about right.

The reason I am against drugs is that it hurts people, in difference of many americans that does not seam to care about other people and therefore think drugs should be legal since they are able to take care of themself.

To much of anything will hurt, even vitamin C

And for everything, the limit of too much is different. You can take A LOT more of vitamin C before it gets to you than you can of alcohol (or aspirin, or sugar, or …) for example.


And Vitamin C is essential. To forbid it would hurt many people. But a gun is not, so to own one you need license for it. In difference to a knife, that is quite essential in the kitchen…
I hope you see my point.