Confuse with box modelling reference image

Im always confuse with the box modelling with the reference image. I shape up the side view but when i start tweaking the front view everything get disturb with the mesh and the model is mess. Any good tip or help can make my modelling easy. Thanks

Hi atekdigital,

Can you share some images of what you are trying to do?

This is what im trying. Where im going wrong im not getting. When match with side view looks good. Eyes align from front view when matching with the side view its get rotating and shapeless. When matching with front view everything get disturbs.

Blend file

Oh ok , it´s “nothing” wrong actually. Look at it in 3D. You cannot trace from the front view (2D) and expect 3D results on the other side view to match. You have to “rotate” the eyes sockets. Check out the human skull, the eyes cavity especially. It´s not just a circle you would draw from the front:

Try downloading a 3D model of a skull and get familiar of how it looks/ works. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps and good luck !

good tip would be:
dont box model a face

Thats bad practice.
Sculpt->retopo instead

but after sculpt i have to retopo on it

Why not use edge modeling for the face? It’s easier and gives more control compared to box modeling for faces.

Thanks lets try. Any good video tutorial that can help. I got a pinch when i tried.

That’s a very subjective view!

Sculpting is your best approach to this. With sculpting you can focus on the creative part of this project and save the topology methods for later.

First result on google gave me this, you can probably find more current ones:


I tired with the edge modelling. Thanks for the suggestion. I ended with this.

Can we created small details with the edge modelling (wrinkle on the forehead, nostrils etc)

Yes you can.

See attached video for basic edge modeling a face.
The whole tutorial is broken into pieces but this part is where he starts with the face.

If you watch from the first part, the author combines box and edge modeling with sculpting.

This is what i end with ur suggestion Edge Modelling

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Other than the lack of eyelids, it looks good.