Confused about animation setup changing after I manually rotate a model

0000-1100.mkv (2.2 MB)
0000-1100 rotated.mkv (2.3 MB)
Hi All,
I’m still working my way through leaning animation and have been quite happy with my progess up to now, but I’ve hit a stop.

I’ve created animation of unit canopy which opens and closes.
The top canopy parts and rear hood doors are the only parts that are keyframed, none of the base structure is.
For the canopy the rear large section is the parent and the sections moving to the front nose are children of it.
The canopy it’s self is not a child of the base structure.

My issue is that I would like to reposition and rotate this model in my scene, so I though I could just put everything in a collection and reposition/ rotate the collection as needed.

but this is where the poblems start, I tried rotating the collection 90 deg and when I run the animation the whole canopy animates from it’s orginal postion, not at the new rotated postion.

My lack of knowledge has stopped me.

Is this something that can be resolved, or restart keyframing everything from this new position?

The side cogs have also repsotioned, one is a mirror of the other, so I’m guessing it’s a simular error.

I’ve uploaded to viewport animations one of the orignal postion and one of the rotated position to show what’s happening.

Any help would be fantastic, hope I’ve given enough info, just let me know if any further info is needed

Many Thanks in advance.

What do you mean, you “rotated a collection”? What steps did you take to do that? A collection can’t be transformed (an instance of a collection can be.)

Usually, the way to do what you want is to use parenting. The canopy should be a child of the base structure. That way, when the base structure does any kind of transformation, like rotation, the canopy follows, and because its rotations are measured in local space, its animations remain correct in its new orientation.

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Great, I’ll that a try and get back.
Thank you very much

That was just what I needed to do, thank you very much for your help :grinning: