Confused about Blender's shading models.

Blender has a variety of specular shading models, but they don’t all seem to behave the way they should…

Blender’s Phong looks much more like Blinn-Phong, as the specular highlight appears stretched out at grazing angles. Standard phong highlights tend to keep a more circular shape. I don’t know what Blender’s Blinn is, either. It can’t be Blinn-Phong, as it’s the slowest of all the specular shaders, and it takes index of refraction into account. I’ve never even heard of just a “Blinn” shader, only Blinn-Phong.

So, does anyone know what Blender’s “Phong” and “Blinn” shaders actually are?

I guess for that you got to either contact the devs on IRC, or dig in the sourcecode.
I doubt (m)any users here know the underlaying algorithms of any shaders :smiley: