Confused about displacement for flooring shader

I’m having trouble with the displacement settings on a plane, I’ve subdivided 20ish times, but still get wonky edges to the plane.
I’ve tried lower the height and increasing the subdivisions, but still get the problem with the edges.
I originally had a 50mm x 5m x 5m mesh block and thought the error because of the mesh being too thick?
I’ve UV unwrapped everything too?
Do I need to subdivide even more? hope not, this make the mesh very dense.
Am I just missing something or does any recommend any good tutorials.
I’ve included snapshots of my setup.

Try changing the displacement method from displacement only to bump & displacement.

You really want to use adaptive subdivision for something like this.
You really don’t want to use displacement for a “working” floor which is supposed to be flat, it’s just a waste of resources and doesn’t add anything. I’m actually a bit surprised these “PBR textures” doesn’t come with a “board ID” map. That could have been useful to slight variation on the layness of each board procedurally. For shadow gaps between the boards, just lower the specularity - nobody will notice. I prefer to use a decent size wooden lookup texture and procedurally look up random positions for each produced board.

And fix that chair. It really hurts :smiley:

I thought the same :slight_smile:

sort of sorted it, with the sub division modifier, I just need to retrace my steps now to see what the minimum manual subdivisions I need to add on the plane object before using the modifier.
Thanks for you tips.
The chair is next