Confused about mapping one image across the front face of multiple objects

I trying to create a videowall effect from a group of cubes.
So one image would “stretch” across the front face of multiple cubes.
I think it is something to do with project from view but I’m lost
and help would be great

You can use the modifier uvproject on your object and use the dynamically generated uv on tour object material.

Planning for it when you start would be my approach.

  1. Create a cube, apply 6 materials to the faces.
  2. Copy/array it with no spacing. Apply modifers.
  3. Select all cubes, edit mode, and select the a face then G/Normal.
  4. Unwrap/project from view (bounds) from the correct orthographic view.
  5. Repeat for the other 5 faces.
  6. Update the 6 materials with your texture and verify it works before starting to relocate the cubes.

Thank you very much both of you, uv project was the way to go.
Have a great weekend