Confused about modes...

Hope someone can advise.
To create the animation of a rigged figure, do I create it pose after I rig it? Or go to edit and animate it there once rigged?
Also what is the hotkey command to remove the timebar at the bottom please?
Thank you.:smiley:

Also what is the hotkey command to remove the timebar at the bottom please?
RMB on the timeline and 3d view border and select Join Area

Hmm, thank you for your answer & will check the wiki. Although a quick look doesn’t seem to deal with either of my questions.

You build the model, rig it, then animate the rig.

As for removing the timeline at the bottom, you need to watch a basic navigation tutorial. If you don’t understand the way the interface works, then you will never be able to create anything worth while.

Spend an afternoon or evening watching these and see if blender does not get a lot easier.

:slight_smile: No…got that part. Build, rig, animate. Quite delighted w/blender and you can see two of the models I created following tutorials here. & Actually Blender is pretty easy, svelte and fun. I am asking if you animate while in Pose mode, Edit mode or Object mode. There is an abundant awesomeness of tutorials from gifted people. But am confused if you can animate a rigged model in different modes. thx

Hmm…let me try this again. Just posted a reply but it doesn’t seem to have stuck.
Thanks for the link will check it out as well.
Actually I am rather enjoying Blender, it is svelte, fast and fun. I have been watching tutorials since I started working with it.
A link where you can see two project I recently tackled/am WIPing on is

I know you model, rig, animate. Makes sense.
Do you rig and animate in pose mode only, or can you rig and animate a model also in object and edit mode?
I also know that you can use the “t” & “n” hotkeys to tab off & on the tool and display columns. Was wondering if anyone, might have off the top of their head the hotkey to tab off/on the timeline.