confused about node editor for 2.77? is this the right place?

I dont know if this is the right place for question concerning the node editor, but…

I am using 2.77 and trying to watch videos on using the node editor, but all of them are old and their node editors have adding things mine don’t, for instance adding a mix shader. I don’t have that option, my list of things to add are very short. Whats going on here? did they get rid of a bunch of stuff? or is there an addon for these things I am missing.
Where can I get updated info?

Are you sure you have selected Cycles as the render engine - the mix node is definitely in 2.77.

thank you, that did it, none of the videos mentioned that

There actually is a node mode for Blender Internal, but it’s not compatable with Cycles. (Internal nodes work separate and go to a different output. Cross connecting sets may cause problems.) Maybe a bit of a side topic, but they have their uses.