Confused newbie trying to make alpaca/llama

Hey, so I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to blender so I though I’d ask for some help here. Essentially I’m trying to make a model for an alpaca (Look like a small llama) that I would then animate and import to unity. Right now I have a very polygonal model because I’m not sure how well unity handles complex models. It also has no face and no fleece at the moment. It may seem silly to take on such a big challenge but I’m silly too;), Any help would be appreciated!


I know this isn’t an alpaca, but I thought this tutorial might help you for modeling. It’s how to model a low poly horse, but I thought it might be useful since both animals are quadrupeds and probably have some very similar muscle structure.

I think the proportions of the alpaca are well done! Not sure if realistic, but pleasing to my eye. As for Unity handling complex models: you can go an ample amount above what you have, if you need to. Of course it also depends on what else is in the scene etc. And Low Poly of course has a certain charm of its own.
EDIT: wait your scene stats say >40000 vertices? It looks like much less! Maybe you can post a wireframe screenshot?

I am also confused about all the vertices in your scene, but what is visible is definitely fine for any game engine! Once you have a good low poly version, you can save it and start modelling a higher detail version. Then by baking a normal map for the original, you can fake a ton of detail and save lots of processing power.

For some guides look up: “Unity game engine normal map” or “blender baking normals”

PS. The model looks like a good start, also happy to see a fellow new user… :slight_smile:

Also, in face mode: ctrl + F … > shade smooth. Keep it up

I think you are modeling with a lot of objects, I can sense that because of the outliner scroll. and the small objects like the ears, etc seam to be really dense.
Also the broken quads are strange, it looks like you did the lowpoly, and then you went to sculpt in dynotopo or something.
Anyhow, I think you should sculpt that mesh that you have the best you can, and then do a really lowpoly retopo.

Edit: I can be totally wrong! I am myself a newbie

Are all the polys in the feet? That piece seems to be the only one that looks like it has tons of polys. If I was you, my workflow would be: merge all objects in one, sculpt, then retopo, then UV unwrap new model, then normal bake all details. I’m no expert, but I know enough anecdotal evidence to know that is what you should do next.