Confused Noob

High guys

I am trying to model a girl’s head. I tried the “box method” from the well-known tutorial and I did OK but I also found this tutorial on this forum:

This looks like I might want to do better than the “box method” but I am very confused with “Now, following the next image EXACTLY, trace the main edgeloops using CRTL+LMB”.

Can someone explain to me this “edgeloops using CTRL+LMB” IN DETAIL?

When I press/hold/drag CTRL+LMB nothing happens.

I kinda figured that you must start from a vertex and extend the lines point/vertex by vertex. BUT how do I enable that??? I tried adding a curve (bez… whatever), then deleting all vertice expet for 1 and doing the CTRL+LMB from that 1 vertex. This works horribly - a lot of times Blender crashes and I cannot get straight lines easily - this looks like a very bad way to do it.

Please help a clueless newb.

What you do is create a plain, then delete 3 verticies, move the remaining vertice to where you want it, then hold down ctrl and CLICK with the left mouse button. You are going to need to move the verticies in side view so they match up with the profile. The best way to do this is split the screen and load the image one in side view in one screen the other in front view.

That tutorial shows you how to create Proper edge loops. Proper edge loops are essential in animating because the mesh deforms cleaner. Also it gives you better results when subsurfacing