Confused with layers


Ive drawn a 3d model in autocad and imported it as a 3ds file to Blender. When applying materials I have found that some of my objects are all grouped together on the wrong layer. Can I split them up in Blender on to different layers? When I use the M button to move the object to another layer all the objects move and I really need to move them one at a time onto different layers. Can I do this on Blender or do I have to re-import it in the 3ds format?



You need to ungroup the objects first. Select the group, press CTRL+G, then select Remove From Group. After that, you can move individual objects to different layers.

Thanks but I seemed to be getting an error message up when I do ctrl+g and select Remove from group . “Object selection contains no groups”

If I select Remove from all groups it doesnt do anything.

They are not grouped, they are one object. In edit mode select the parts you want to separate (press L with the mouse above it) , press P. Now you can move them to another layer.