How do you get pictures in the forum

First… you need some webspace to host the pictures… goto for isntance…


There you upload your image… as a result of that your image gets a weblink… This weblink you can place between the img tags while you make a new post… it’s easy…


It says the site is not taking new users
Do you know another one

You can try freepgs. I haven’t checked there recently, but last time I checked they allowed 20 megs of storage and hotlinking of images, though that could have changed by now.

or you can try your isp, it will not be much space [hopefully more than 2Mb tho] but you should be able to link to it from here also seems to work, but I find them a real pain to work with since they disabled ftp. 20Mb from them is more than I get from my ISP