confusing bobe problem (blend included)

Bones with mind of their own? ( blend included)

			   						 							 							 						 						 							 						 				 					 						 Take a look at the blend. There are 2 sets of bones. On the right is the action window. If you move the left bone right or left a bit and leave it there. Then move the green bar in action window the bones work where you positioned the bones last. If you move the bones on the right, a bit left or right then move the green bar in the action window then bones SNAP back to where they were. Why?

I made both bones but must have done something differently



bones.blend (307 KB)

You’re going to have to be more specific in your naming here. Which bones? Or are you talking about the two separate armatures you have?

It sounds like you have an unintentional location keyframe somewhere in there.

The bones called Armature can be moved to another position then moving the green bar in action window it works While Armature .006 moved to another position then slide the green bar in action window and Armature.006 pops back to original position. take a look at the blend if you have not. it would really help me if you can see the problem it’s been driving me nuts

P.S. i don’t see any unintentional keyframes i thought about loc keyframes as well


Ah… I see where the issue is. There are location and rotation keyframes on the Armature.006 object itself (you might have mentioned that you’re working in 2.4x). To see this, select the Armature.006 object and change your Action Editor to an IPO Curve Editor. You should notice a series of location and rotation keyframes. Delete them and you should be good to go.

Thanks, I am new to animation. The reason i did not mention using 2.49 I use 2.49 until they come out with a stable version. Thanks again


I am just wondering how in the world i added ipo curves I never use the ipo editor just the action editor I went looked at other bones that were giving probelms and they all had ipo curves which i deleted and now everything works great If you have any thoughts on how i git ipo curves on my actions let me know Thanks again


Sattled it. Please download


bones2.blend (303 KB)

Hi Pat I think you misunderstood The problem has been solved. By the way I think i know your avatar. Are you the lady who makes Fish?


Chances are good that you’d inserted LocRot keys on your armature when it was still in Object mode (as opposed to Pose mode). This is how you ended up with keys on the armature object.

To see the IPOs for individual bones, you need to switch the viewing mode of the IPO Curve Editor from Object to Pose (or Action… one of the two; I don’t have Blender in front of me just this second). Then you should see the curves for your bones.

Also, I’ve gone ahead and marked this thread as solved. You can do this yourself in other support threads you start by using the Thread Tools menu.

Yes. Thanks for comments. And Now i am trying to make 24 Leg walking centipede. Lots of problems. I am trying…