Confusing texturing process


I am new to Blender but confusing about the texturing process.

I made a mesh, change the screen layout to “UV Editing”, I UV unwrap my mesh, on the “UV/Image Editor”, I select an image and move the vertex to fit the image, on the “3D view” side I can see my textured object.

When I export the object to fbx and import to Unreal Engine, I cannot see the texture.

In Blender the Properties panel’s Texture tab and Material tab are empty, my 3D object has texture mapped in 3D view.

Is there an automatic way to add the texture to the Texture tab based on the textures I use in UV/Image Editor?

Your object has no material to export so no other application will know to use any particular texture. You don’t add materials to the UV Image Editor. It edits the UVs against a reference image
Ensure you have set the render engine at the top of the blender interface to ‘Blender Render’
Create a material for your object
For that material create a texture slot
Add the image texture to that slot
Ensure texture mapping is set to UV and the texture influences the color