Confusion about proportional Editing

I Am watching this video and trying to follow along. I am missing something very basic here about the cursor the axis and proportional editing.

I hope you can see the text in pic above. This picture above shows the time and the name of this video.
as you can see in the picture below mine is not scaling right. I can not figure why Andrews proportional circle is in the right place. It shows his cursor in the shift C position yet his proportional circle is in the right place.

  1. He has the 3D manipulator hidden. You can show/hide it from the 3D manipulator button on bottom toolbar (the one with red, green, blue lines)

  2. Your center of transformation is set to 3D cursor. Change it to Median Point from Pivot Point dropdown (left from 3D manipulator button)

Thank you for this. Blender is so vast in all it can do ! I have spent a lot of time with Blender but I am still missing some modeling basics. But not for long Thank you kesonmis