Confusion of direction

Just a short comical style piece, not supposed to be realistic. Hence why I didn’t try to put a great amount of detail on the Dragon. (Yes I did choose to plop in a Dragon instead of a human figure:eyebrowlift: )

Floor used to have his shadow cast on it, but I moved it to another render layer so to make sure it goes right in the compositor. Had to use Z transparency, because Ray Transparency didn’t calculate as alpha in the compositor.

All postpro except contrast adjustment is done in the compositor

Idea is … cute. I like what you’ve done to the arrows. The dragon pose seems to be the only thing out of place. Oh and maybe a texture woulda been nic.

Thanks, I wasn’t going for any textures here.

If anyone thinks a Dragon is not the best creature for such an image let me tell you this, I love Dragons.:eyebrowlift:

Hey, mind hosting on Imageshack real quick? Mudpuddle has never worked on my comp…

Imageshack link

Not bad. Just wondering, what is your toon line technique?

Well at least a different material.

I love Dragons.

hahaaaaaa. You funny guy, you.

I used a filter node on the arrow layer set to sobel, sobel is an edge detection filter that creates lines on edges. I then used another renderlayer node with the same arrows to get the solid look back. Unlike the built in edge detection, it makes colored edge lines.