Confusion on intersect Knife in 2.79

I am watching this video

In case you cant read it the video time is 13:52 But go back in time a bit where he selects the ball. HOw does he select the ball and move it away ?

Also is this man mistaken about intersect knife being new to 2.79 ?

See the white circle around your 3D cursor?

This should tell you two things:
a) The pivot center is set to 3D Cursor.
b) Proportional editing is enabled.

The latter is your problem.

I still can not understand how he just simply move the cursor over the sphere and clicked it and moved it out of the way. I tried taking proportional edition off and I put the 3d cursor to median and others.
I attached the blend file.


22porportionalEditing.blend (477 KB)

Also Im too stupid to tell what later refers to

Where do you get from that he just clicks to select the sphere’s vertices?
I assume he moved the cursor over the sphere and hit “L” to select all connected geometry.

Latter, not later. The latter is the second mentioned of two (as opposed to the former).
I told you two things to notice from your screenshot: a) being the former, b) being the latter, which was responsible for your inability to independently move the sphere’s vertices.

I didn’t watch the video but just a guess.

(L) selects linked while your mouse hovers over what you want to select.
(CTRL+L) selects linked also, it doesn’t matter where your mouse is.

You might need to be in the correct mode
(TAB) for edit mode
(CTRL+TAB) for vert/edge/face mode. (while in edit mode)
(“O”) key to toggle proportional editing. (toggle this before you use “G” to move).

(I typed the hotkeys in caps so it’s easier to read)

Ok L and G. That worked. Thank you !