Confusion to the maximum, Vertex Plotting

I have been someone on the 3D programming end of things for a long time, and I got my hands on milkshape and I made some models that made sense to me. I am one of those people who plots each vertex on the mesh and then creates a face from that. Unfortunately the only product that I seem to be able to get my head around is Milkshape, as I have tried XSI, 3ds Max, and now Blender. I would really enjoy being able to model the way I know how because when I do it that way I get exactly what I want.

My question is simply: Is this possible to do in blender? Or do I have to use Milkshape forever and be stuck without any good ways to UV map coordinates. I do understand Subdivision and that method to a degree, I just don’t enjoy it as I end up finding my model to be using far too many faces for a simple model.

Also is there a “Snap By Axis” command? I can’t seem to find it if there is one.

You can add Verts in Edit mode with Ctrl-Leftclick (Ctrl-LMB). Must have 1 other vert selected to make an edge.

Move those verts from the Transform tab (N) in Local or Global space. Or with G-Arrow-Key or with Numeric input from either Keypad or Numpad eg. G, X (constrained to X-Axis) -001.

Constrain Translations with XYZ-Keys or MMB (MiddleMouseButton).

Not Snap by Axis but you can use Shft-S and snap your 3D Cursor to, or Snap to Cursor.


Okay, thanks for the help number one, and number two I am curious, do you have to add a mesh before you start vert creation or is there a way to start laying verticies without having to add an initial mesh.

You have to add a “Mesh Object”. Then, while in Edit mode hit X to delete Verts, then Ctrl-LMB anywhere you want. The new vert will be added where your Mouse Cursor is on the XY and it’ll use your 3D Cursor for Z (assuming you’re in Top view [Numpad-7]).