I have a Dell notebook and I do not have a number pad and the numbers on the top part of the keyboard do not work along with the F9 keys and etc, so can you use a notebook with this program.
Second, I went through some of the tutorials to make a dice or a snowman and the snowman was ok, until I got to the nose to use the cone and I could not just switch the cone to a side view and I could not get the cone to rotate to the side, cause when I add the mesh cone it is up and down…
I’m very new and got some of the functions down, but some of the functions are not working… So, can someone get me started and let me know if a notebook will work correctly with this program, I almost think the program is not working right, Let me know,. Thanks, Chad E.

Blender has had its past issues with bugs, but this is not one of them. Depending how old your Laptop is you should have a “fn” type button (function button) that when you hold it down and press some other buttons on your keyboard that have the numpad numbers with the letters.

If your cone is facing up and down, then you just need to brush up on the shortcuts. Let me help you

Cone is vertical - press the R key and then press X and then type in -90 and then ENTER

That should rotate your cone on the X axis 90 degrees towards the direction you need to go. Depending if the cone is facing down or up, you might just need to type positive 90.

Feel free to ask anymore questions. We are glad to help out newcomers