Confuzzled D:

So I am new to using blender and have started to get ambitious. Ive chosen Blender because of the OSSUM things Ive heard about the program. but it seems not to be so user friendly, or maybe my knowledge of other programs just doesnt compute. whatever it maybe I am determined to learn blender.

With that being said… I am a bit lost with all of the tutorials that are on youtube because they are all using earlier versions of Blender, and the interfaces all look different.
I am trying to make sculpts for secondlife but I cant seem to find the right places for uploading/creating the uv maps etc. in version 248.1 the girl in the video goes to render>>bake second life sculpties… in my version 249.2 my render tab looks nothing like hers. Please help? :frowning:

If you’re new to blender, forget blender 2.49, download the newer blender 2.56beta