Congrats, @ndy!

Hey, all!

Just downloaded the latest issue of 3D inspiration from here and who should I see featured on page s 34-35… but our own @ndy!

The image, “Dawn Over Asgard” is all the more impressive when you consider that it was originally modeled as part of a 24 hour challenge…

Congratulations, @ndy!


@ndy, the [email protected] [email protected]! That’s cool man. I’m stoked for you!


(Thanks Bisch for pointing it out cause you just know HE wouldn’t.)

Thanks for posting the link - looks like a good online magazine! I’m currently downloading issue 2, which at 8.5MB is taking a little longer on dial up…

Anyway, well done @ndy


Sure he would :slight_smile: :

Great job @ndy, I think it looks right in along the rest of the content. Some stuff is more ‘cartoony’ and so on. You do have a different style, which, I think, is a good thing. It’s an excellent image.

Wow! Cool!

Congrats @ndy!


LOL… I must have mistook busy for modest :smiley:


who is modest? :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks anyway, that’s an excellent motivation to continue blending :smiley:


Way to go!

Great jod @ndy, and that is a great image.

Congratulations. :smiley:

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wow :smiley: … congrat indeed