Congratulations Brazil!!!

Ger - Bra 0 - 2

Two times Il Phenomeno. See you in 2006.

well yay I guess,… sorta hmm

Brazil played a great match!

Really boring match, nothing happened till those goals. Which weren’t all that spectacular. But, congrats anyhow.


People are screaming like crazy, here in my city one of the TV networks is going to make a fireworks show, there are a lot of crasy people thinking they’re imortal making dangerous things with motorcycles and cars…

Damn! I just lost 50 Euros because of this!!

German dont know how to play soccer, they were lucky to get the finals,
All poor %/#&*

Shows how much you know of soccer.


Good match. It is ashame Kahn hurt his hand. I think his not collecting the rebound on Rivaldo’s shot was a result of this and probably allowed the goal. Ronaldo’s second was brilliant however.

For Germany — Neuville’s set piece was straight out of Roberto Carlo’s highlight reel.

Schlops, your boys have class. See you in 2006. (If we make it :o )

I agree with macke. Grow up and show a little humility.

Congrats to Brazil! The best team won.

Please, stay polite.


Oh I second that! Very nicely put right in between Kahn and the pole. Lovely!

Great game. Nice goals. Really nice cheering girls :slight_smile: SAMBA!


Great game, Brazil deserved it! Very graceful, I like great tactics and lots of guts, I don’t find it boring at all. Congrats to Brazil!!! And to Germany for making it this far. We’ll see you BOTH in 2006!


It was a nice game for a final, not more and not less. The race for 3rd place between Turkey and Korea was very interesting.
My very special friend :wink: (to put it in nice words, he “owns” this status for a long time now) Didi Hamann made such a mistake, no chance for Kahn cause of the slippery ground (Injuries are no excuse). And the german defense needs a special training lesson in rebounds (does anyone know how to contact Dennis Rodman ;)) Hell, the first time in this tournament Germany played football and they lost. The second goal was great, a no-look-pass (???) by Rivaldo, excellent!

fullback & Ingie: I’m sure we’ll see the US-team in 2006 (and Brazil too, they need to qualify, even as WC :o) The US sport can now concentrate on Lance Armstrong de France.

ok, they played better soccer (the 2nd was great!), but we are going to win the “Europameisterschaft” :slight_smile:


I guess Hamann won’t be getting that post-tournament flower basket from you, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

The only reason I mentioned Kahn’s injury was because he played such an outstanding tournament overall. I don’t think he gave up a rebound in any other game (certainly not against the US) and that bobble came as a bit of a surprise. It was a difficult shot to stop but I think he would have handled it were he 100% fit. Of course, he was beaten cleanly on Ronoldo’s second effort so it didn’t matter anyway, but then, no human GK could have stopped that.

How many kids are going to be wearing Ronoldo’s hairstyle next week?

Well, boring match.

Germany played 15 minutes of beautiful football during the first half and a couple more in the second half. I specially liked Schneider and Neuville, they played very nice football.

First goal is Kahn’s fault, sorry. Second one is half Rivaldo’s cunning and german defense “innocense”.

Too bad my curse didn’t worked out. Now I have to bear a “pentachampion” next door. :x

Well, seeya in Germany 2006.


Malefico, don’t be angry… Argentina and brazil never got along very well… and I thing they never will :smiley:

It’s part of being brazilian or argen…(whow do you write that, sorry, but I don’t know)

Have you ever came here to Brazil?

yay Brazil!