Congratulations to Dickie!!

(BgDM) #1

Dickie made the front page of featured artists at CG Talk with his new Goddess Mother character.

Way to go Dickie!!!


(blengine) #2

great job! thats really cool, and what a picture too :o :o

(paradox) #3

Wow the latest Shroom goddess is a great pic. Congrats on that and on putting it on CG Talk. It is great to see a Blender creation on the front page of CG Talk. I’ve noticed for the most part people there aren’t so concerned about the app you use but on the end product.

(crazymopho) #4

Just a shame it’s Lightwave, and modeled in wings :o

(paradox) #5

Yes I saw his recent post on CG talk to that effect. Doesn’t matter still a great pic. and the earlier work was in Blender. Comes down to I admire his work no matter what tool he chooses to use. As artists we all go our own paths. Me I went from Lightwave to Blender and never went back. Some people go the other way. Just depends on what tool feels more comfortable to you and what you are trying to do.

(sten) #6

coolio :smiley:

I posted a comment at CGtalk :slight_smile:

awsome work…and great at about the mainpage !!

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(BgDM) #8

I agree 100%. I love dickie’s work. Always have and always will, iregardless of what he uses. I think he went that way to get the finished effect thet he was looking for. I know he had originally done it in Blender to get a more painted look to the images, but now that I see this render, I don’t blame him for switching at all. I hope he does still do some stuff in Blender once it gets improved.

Exactly, why? If he wants to use it, then let him use it.

I just thought it would be nice to showcase dickie’s work here, seeing as it looks like he might not be back. :frowning:


(crazymopho) #9

This is the only reason that i said that. It was just to correct a misinformed person. As far as his work goes, yes i agree he has done fantastic work in the past, and still does. Weither it be with blender or lightwave

(dickie) #10

hey guys!

thanks for all the good lovin’!

BgDM said on CGTALK:

Well, on one hand I am sorry
to hear that you have left Blender.
Especially with the source being released
this weekend. Ther eis only going to be
great things ahead for it.

i totally agree.
one day i think blender will be an extremely awesome tool.
at the moment though, i need more than what it has to offer.

this community is of an immense value to me.
i wish i could’ve stuck with blender, i wanted to
prove that anything could be done with it just to show
all those jack-asses who said it sucked that they were wrong.

but then i started using wings more seriously, finally
grasping the NGON/Edge theory, and it changed everything.

i’ll yak at you crazy goons later!

good luck with the open source movement!