Conics and generatrix

Hello, Im new around here. I’ve just (roughly) finished a model and its been bugging me the fact that I cant find a method to detect the generatrix of the model and its modification.

Here’s the .stl so you have an idea, the point of my work is I need the path the tip of the model follows, right to its end (so I can mark the borders of it and see how it changes as it moves under).
The only thing that’s crossed my mind is doing a bunch of sections and joining points as accurately as possible. Isnt there a way to modify the mesh so it shows me “straight” lines instead of a bunch of triangles?

Also, I was hoping there was a way to auto-detect all the conics that the model uses something like this.

Any help is deeply appreciated :yes:

What do mean by conics and generatrix and the pic that you have linked is really small?

Blender’s modeling is primarily polygonal, i.e. it’s not built around revolution bodies and the like. While there are tools that help you model that way, there aren’t any to analyze the model in that regard. If you’re looking for some sort of a CAD, Blender is definitely not it.