Connect 2 objects with spring so one follows the other as if tied with elastic string

I’m trying to animate one object, and have the second object follow it around automatically, with lag, as if it’s attached with an elastic string or spring.

I read the man page on spring constraints, created 2 objects, followed the manual’s steps to connect them, and… nothing. No sign of connection except some dotted lines. The master object moves and the follower never moves. I’ve added a Rigid Body World, and I made both objects Rigid Bodies. I baked. I freed all bakes and baked again. I started over and tried adding the constraint myself, instead of using “Connect” in the Physics tab of the 3D View. No sign of springiness.

How is it done? Here’s my attempt:

how_can_I_attach_cube_to_cone_with_a_spring.blend (196 KB)

If I can get this to work, I hope to attach a chain of objects, all following the master object everywhere I put it, but with a bit of automatic lag for each follower object.

The manual page is literally missing a few words, here and there, so I must guess what some sentences mean.

Thank you for your help.

Here’s a good example of the process:

Benu, that’s great! Thank you so, so much! By watching the video carefully, I was able to discover some missing steps I didn’t know about, at 0:38. I didn’t realize that the Constraint Empty, created by this process, has its new Stiffness and Dampness settings toggled off, by default.

I saw those “buttons” as greyed out, and didn’t imagine, first of all, that they were even buttons (they don’t look like buttons). Also, I didn’t realize that I must click them. I wonder why they aren’t toggled to the “on” state by default. I just created a spring; shouldn’t it always have these options on by default? I don’t know.

Anyhow, I’ve now got one object kinda following another, attached by a stretchy spring, which is what I asked for help with. I parented the Constraint Empty to one object, and now that object drags the other around with it as if joined by an elastic string. Awesome!

Now I want to share what I learned so future learners can benefit.

Here are 2 simple files with functioning springs.

One is the basic result I sought: one object is animated, and the 2nd object follows it around, attached by a spring.
SOLVED_-how_to_attach_one_object_to_another_with_a_spring-_basic.blend (205 KB)
The second file adds collisions, so that the objects bounce off each other instead of passing through each other.
Now_2_spring-connected_spheres_w_collision.blend (209 KB)

Ha! Forgot how to do this, and my web searches led me to back to this. So glad your site is here!