Connect Edges

After seeing how useful the connect edges tool can be for modeling, I have always dreamed of being able to do something similar in Blender. Unfortunately I never found anything that can do it.

After several iterations, and countless hours, I’m finally comfortable with sharing my first add-on. But not without some disappointment. I’m not able to replicate the slide feature that max has. However, I did add a couple features that I think could be useful in certain situations that I don’t think the other software has.

In this demo I show a simple example of what this add-on can do. Connect edges:

Selection and deselection:

And lastly the two features that allow even spacing across all faces (Sorry about the red text. I didn’t see the add caption button)

Please bug test :slight_smile:
Any suggestions to improve this add-on are welcomed.

To download and get more information about the add-on:


Very nice! Thank you!

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Oh sweet summer child, bless your heart. I missed this feature so much from Max and have been hoping someone would make it. Thank you thank you thank you!

You’re welcome!
I also have build corner and build end in the pipe. I just need to convert them from a simple script to an add-on :slight_smile:


yes It will be great …please tell me when it will be released…I am eager to use it…add a double edge painting option as of max

plz shift it down


And I am not able to select and deselect even after clicking the selection option in the preferences

u can do the same thing with the subdivide option in the edit mode…select edges and hit subdivide

That’s weird. The text is lower for me. Is your resolution scale higher than 1.0?
I will need to take the resolution scale into account for the position. I’ll get on that.
Selection and deselection isn’t working at all? I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work. Are you holding Shift while clicking?

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my res is set to one…and whenever after using the addon…I press alt to select the edges made by this addon…i get error msg…is it due to other addons interfering with it…and whenever i exit making edges from the addon…nothing remains selected and then I have to manually select those edges again
the error msg on alt click selection after making edges…I have to toggle edit mode …to evade this error

It could be. I don’t have smart select. This bothers me

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yes it solved the issue…but is there any alternative for evading this error without disabling the smart select addon

My guess is that since I have to switch to object mode and back to edit mode it kills the bmesh data for that addon…

Edit: Perhaps there is a way to avoid having to toggle modes.

when u are gonna add those 3ds max features

Which ones?

build end and build corner

That will be a separate addon at first. But perhaps I could bundle it with this one and make it a pie menu in the near future.

I’m not sure when they will be ready. It should be pretty soon though. I want to make sure they work well.


No, I was saying I may have fixed the issue with the addon but I’m not so sure.
I also added a setting in the preferences to ofset the HUD on the y axis.

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Can that right click menu be made a little bigger in size and with more options…and those modo like loop cut adjustment option will be great …

Yeah I will make the size adjustable in the preference.
What options do you have in mind?

let me prepare an Idea list for u …I will post it here only…please be online …feel free to discard any idea
I was taking about this slider to adjust loop cuts position…search about ETEREA SWISS KNIFE AN ADDON FOR MODO…

SET FLOW option along with pinch


I think some of them are already there…so feel free to discard them

I’m sorry these don’t fit within the scope of this addon. Adjusting the positions of the new segments is the only one that would make sense to me. But that is similar to the slide feature of Max’s connect edges tool but with more control(?)
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a working slide feature.

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look into polyquilt addon’s code for ideas and solution…that swiftloop like feature may help

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