Connect Edges

can you implement another operation , maya connect

if one edge is only selected then ,

  1. Ring
  2. Connect Edges

thank you for this addon

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Is this what you are asking for?

The current implementation allows some unintended behavior:

Before I can release it, I need to find out why I cannot select edges while the operator is running in 2.90. It used to work fine, but now it doesn’t work at all. But it works fine in 2.83.


I was able to figure out why I could no longer select edges while the operator was running.
I pushed the changes to my GitHub.
You can now left click on an edge to ring select and connect.
I will update the original post later. Too tired to do it now.

Please test and as always, suggestions are welcomed.


thank you for quick implementation

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Please Use Space to Confirm rather than Enter, It is much Faster That way

I agree. Spacebar to confirm is much better.

I just push an update to my github that hopefully fixes the error you were having, and changed it to spacebar to confirm.

Version: 0.2.1

  • Spacebar is now used to confirm the operation instead on the enter key.
  • Changed wording of the UI from Accept to Confirm
  • This addon should work better with other addons that access bmesh data.

I just now did see the thread here. As an old Wings 3D user I can not say how much nice I felt seeing such an add-on for Blender. Thanks a lot for offering it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just as I requested Machin3 to make such a tool, nice to see there’s a connect edges for Blender now, thanks for the effort. Any chance you could integrate connect vertices and connect vertex pairs in the addon? I would prefer to just hit “c” to connect vertices or edges where the addon use either one of the vertex connect tools in vertex mode or edge connect in edge/ face mode.

E: @Jrome your gifs are not displaying correctly on the forum on my end (links to the gifs work properly).

After having spent some time using the addon here’s some additional feedback. Coming from 3ds Max, I find a well functioning connect tool one of the most valuable mesh editing tools. I hope you don’t mind me dropping this in, it has become a longer list than I expected to.

  1. The HUD is tiny on my 4k screen, could you add a scaling factor?
  2. I think I would also like to see a horizontal offset for the HUD.
  3. Optionally, a HUD to cursor position (like MeshMachine in terms of UI) could be implemented with both a vertical and horizontal offset from the cursor.
  4. Blender’s default subdivide tool has additional algorithms for quad corners, perhaps you may be able to tap into these?
  5. Could you add a keymap option under preferences (under 3D view > Mesh, rather than 3D view)?
  6. Could you add “Vertex connect path” in case vertex mode is active, to connect selected vertices?
  7. Could the enable selection toggle in the preferences add left clicking to confirm a (in additiion to space)? I often tend to click instead of pressing spacebar.
  8. To change the number of segments, you could opt to toggle this mode by pressing “s”, that may allow for numeric input for the number of segments (without the need to hold control while doing so).
    E: Then it would be more like the bevel tool in terms of functionality, which would be awsome!
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  1. I can do that
  2. I’m not sure why I didn’t add that already. I will do this too
  3. I will look into this
  4. This addon does not use any bmesh ops. The reason being bmesh ops are too slow. The performance was so poor when I used bmesh.ops.bisect_edges() to divide each edge it was practically unusable. Also my intent with this addon was to mimic the other software’s functionality as much as I could. Subdividing using more complex algorithms would break that.
  5. I should be able to do that. Thanks for pointing it out.
  6. I’d need to create another tool/operator that uses two separate operators depending on the selection mode context. Shouldn’t be too hard.
  7. The enable selection toggle enables the ability to select additional edges to connect to. I’m not sure how it would would with left click to confirm.
  8. You can right click to open a pop up dialog where you can change the number of segments or the pinch value. It’s using a really basic GUI widget library called Blender UI Widgets by Jayanam. I should look into a more native solution.|

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it!


Oops I saw there was a typing error in my original explanation, hence why it wasn’t all that clear.
What I mean is that wen the selection toggle is disabled, you can no longer change the edge selection. In that case there is no need to reserve a left click for selections. Left click could then be used to confirm a connect operation, like spacebar does in the current state. So basically, the disabling the selection toggle would also enable left click to confirm an operation.

There was one more thing I forgot to add, Blender’s Subdivide edge ring has additional blending features under interpolation. If your connect could use an optional “set flow” operation upon inserting the edges that would be golden.
In addition, I could also see use of moving the newly created edges in/ out based on the normals and perhaps a fall-off (like Subdivide Edge-Ring). In terms of User Experience, it could function as smooth as Mesh Machine’s tools.

In the long term, adding these kind of additional options alongside a more sophisticaded HUD that has room for these, you could create a very very powerful connect tool, one that would make 3ds Max and Maya envy us Blender users. :wink:

I am curious to see how far you could push this tool! Thanks again!

Version 0.3.0

  • Left click to confirm (If selection is disabled). Space bar remains an option too.
  • Horizontal offset for the HUD display in the preferences.
  • Scale factor for the HUD display in the preferences.
  • Option to hide the HUD. The operator’s information will be displayed in the header instead.
  • Ability to change the operator’s keymap in the preferences.
  • Help tab lists the operator’s hotkeys.


  • Keymap is displayed under mesh instead of 3dview in the blender keymap settings.

hello this some bug warning came out, and this is what tells the console…

location: :-1
Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\mesh_mesh_align_plus\”, line 457, in poll
active_item = prims[addon_data.active_list_item]
IndexError: bpy_prop_collection[index]: index 0 out of range, size 0

location: :-1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\ConnectEdges-master\”, line 700, in connect_edges
File “C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\ConnectEdges-master\”, line 665, in do_connect_edges
bm_edge = bm.edges[edge_idx]
IndexError: BMElemSeq[index]: index 300 out of range

also i dont seem to be able to select edges when the operation is running (and enabled selection checkbox is enabled), whether i press C or right click for select edges…

Does that error occur when selection is enabled?

Edit: I get a similar error if selection is enabled, and I ctrl+click.

also i dont seem to be able to select edges when the operation is running (and enabled selection checkbox is enabled), whether i press C or right click for select edges…

It’s hard coded for left click select.
I will add an option to support right click select. Sorry about that.

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Version 0.3.1

  • Support for swapping left and right click functionality.
    Enable this if you use right click to select.