Connect normal map to displacement output?

Hmm, is there a wa to connect a normal map into the “displacement” output of a material (Cycles)?
If not, how can I convert the normal map to a bump map? And would it lose a lot of accuracy if doing so?

Why I wonder? Well, I need to have my normal maps visible in the normal pass when I render, and I see that the only way is to put them through the displacement output. So… yeah.


show you nodes set up

happy cl

Here is a simple recreation of the nodes:

you already have a normal map node there
so it will work more or less

but would work better if you add some glossy
which is needed to get nice normal map bumps

by the way you also need some thing to reflect on

like several light sources or a good HDRI map

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Yes you can do what you are asking - but the normal map will be treated as a grey scale image for that purpose (i.e. it will ignore the normal data and simply displace based on the absolute brightness of the pixel).

I’m not sure that material displacement is fully working yet though - it’s still an experimental feature:

My goal is to use a bilateral blur on my render and need the the normal pass to keep the details from blurring out, will this work as a substitute? Thanks anyway!

I can’t see why it shouldn’t work.

'cause I’m a noob? :stuck_out_tongue: