Connect two meshes without losing properties

Hey guys!

Could you please help me with this issue I have?

I want to connect the top of the head with the hair (which is a separate mesh), to the rest of the head and keep everything like it is.

If I try joining them from the hair to the head or the other way around I either lose the hair, or make the whole head hairy :D.

Any ideas?

as far as i know, you cant. its common to have the hair scalp part as a separate mesh underneath the characters mesh. so just Dup the mesh and remove the hair, connect it to the character, and have the one with the hair just underneath it so it wont ever clip through. :slight_smile:

Just from my quick tests, it looks like… If your scalp doesn’t already have a vertex group for hair density…

On the scalp create a vertex group and assign all vertices to it.
Under the particle system properties VertexGroups->Density change it to the new group.
Ensure that Advanced is checked and emission is set to faces.

Then join the head to the scalp, not the other way round.