Connect Vertices

Hello! Is there a way to connect many vertices with one last single button / shortcut?

  1. select all the left verts (and not the single one)
  2. e to extrude, move the mouse a little, enter.
  3. hold shift and select the single vert as well (all verts selected now)
  4. on blender 2.8, right click, ‘merge vertices’ and then choose ‘last’ (merge to last vert selected)

Thanks for the answer, but this is not what i need.

why not? explain what you need,

looks like this

It is necessary to make cuts like a knife tool, but not separately from each left vertex to the right, but at one time. Attached video how it looks in max

Blender doesn’t have dedicated tool for this (as far as i know). I think the fastest way to do it in blender would be connect border vertices with J key, select new face and triangulate it (ctrl+t). There is “connect vertex pairs” tool but it does different thing.
Edit: But obviously it will work only for single face. You’d have to connect by hand if there is intersecting edges. I’m not a coder, but i feel like it would be very easy task for any addon developer to create such tool. Maybe it’s already exist, i don’t know.

Another way this could’ve been done is if you just used the loop cut tool to place as many cuts that you needed and then selected the verticies that you wanted at one point used alt-M and merged them at center. I couldn’t watch your video since the transfer rate was so low I felt I was doing dialup again, and I’m 30 years beyond that now.