connect Video and Sound into one file ?


I am looking for a open source software wich can connect rendered Movies from Blender with Sound files Mp3 oder Wave.
Best would be some Video and Soundeditoring software.
Does anyone have a good tip for me ???

I want to create a Video file with small size for the web- so it would be nice if the software has some encoders for sound and video

thanx for your help

Assuming that you are using Windows, I’d suggest the following:

Virtualdub - For splicing audio & video together

Audacity - For carrying out audio processing.

DivX Codec - Good codec for use in virtual dub to squeeze that video down.

To go further you could try to source the Microsoft Windows Media encoder, as that can make pretty small files at decent quality.

Take Cinelerra or Broadcast 2000 + KNOPPIX, GENTOO or SLAX linux iso.