connected - abstract animation


I while a go I stumbled upon an abstract video done in Cinema 4D ( that I really liked. So I tried to recreate it in Blender what was kind of hard because Blender does not have a proper particle-tracer yet. However, the Animation Nodes Addon from Jacques Lucke allowed me to write a little “pseudo” script that connected particles based on their proximity. A big thanks to Jacques for your work! :yes:
I’m aware that my video is very close to the original animation but I still hope you like it :).


This is really cool and rendered really nicely. By script do you mean it was using the python script node or were you able to achieve this with the build in nodes?

Very nice! :slight_smile:

I’d use this in winamp instead of their stock visualisations :slight_smile:

Nice Visualisation, really well executed.

Are you going to share your Tracerscript with us at some point?

Impressive! Good job. :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much!

@ zuggamasta: As julperado already said, with the latest version of animation nodes you will be able to recreate the same effect without using any script. Also, I doubt that my script would still work with the addon since there were a lot of changes since I wrote/adapted it.

@ julperado: Thank you! Feel free to use it in a reel. I would greatly appreciate it =)

This is really cool. Nice job.

Steve S

Nice, I like the timing, did you bake a sound curve to drive particles?

Thanks 3pointEdit =) . Yes I baked the sound to the normal velocity of the emitter. But since the basses weren’t that visible I had to use the envelope modifier to make them more distinct. In retrospect it would have been much easier to reconvert the baked curve to keyframes, though =P .