connected particles

How would it be possible to have particles that move around and are connected to each other with lines, similar to the ones seen here?

Thank you I will try that out, however I can’t get the script to work (I’m a beginner) I pasted it into the text editor and clicked run script but it didn’t work, I use 2.5

hi, the trace objects script will show a gui on properties panel of 3d viewport… press N to see the panel, then run it on selected objects, will create a hook between objects and the curve

or maybe try the new connect particles script that will work on a particle system -as you asked before- get any of them from file linked below…

edit: here is a simple video i did with the script

Thanks I got all the scripts to work, they’re great. One last question, what settings did you have exactly when you made this?: /uploads/default/original/4X/a/c/6/ac636af53bd3915268fb0e7bac0f2823913d9987.jpgd=1300893250

I didn’t keep the file but I guess a vortex effector would do the trick… will give it a try later.
And maybe should merge both particle tracers into one script.

here i got a similar look, just hit render or tweak and trace again…