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Connecter is here! Welcome the first public release of our new app for organizing 3D files and materials. It’s free for download and use. We have support for Blender previews and drag and drop functionality. Find out more and get started: If you have questions please email us at [email protected]


Lol nobody use free software for organizing files in Blender comunity. It’s not advertising, we want to see how we have done.


I’m actually using it for testing now. The lack of info about Blender usage in the website is not inviting i must admit.
I’ve been able to “load” a folder containing a blend file, if i drag n drop it works but it does just open the blend like regular drag and dropping, is it possible to import quickly the models or groups which are contained into the blend?

right now the only thing a potential (blender) user could gather, is this;
“fully compatible with 3ds Max 7 and above.”

with only apparently Max support the interest in the Blender world for this program will be marginal to non existent.
there are also some other asset management tools either in production like the tool called Bam! or other solutions available which people tend to use.

here are some questions because the site hasn´t answered these;

is the program “listening” or sending my files to your servers or any servers?

do we have to register just to download it?

what kind of licence is attached to your free software?

does it work with .blend files and what about obj and fbx files?

There is something wrong with the connecter website

It moved long ago :wink:

And latest version released just a few days ago

Moved from where, I am using
you cant sign up, you can’t login or make a new password

From original post, since you gave no info about your state of confusion :neutral_face:
Right on… :roll_eyes: Login by pressing on that humanoid icon in upper right corner. Unless you’re not a member yet, then Register/ Sign Up on author’s site: Design Connected Sign Up Form

You’re welcome :wink:

I just found about this a few days ago, a video about blender integration popped out on youtube. I had a look at it, it looks super interesting! I think the blender integration is still quite raw, but it’s really promising!

Hey guys,

Plamen from Design Connected here. We had a temporary issue with the account creation - it was resolved yesterday and now you can download Connecter.

If you have any suggestions or issues you can post them here (I will follow the thread) or email us directly.

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Hello, is there a Linux version?

Hi Bojan,

For now, Connecter is only developed fro Windows. Supporting other platforms is a plan for the distant future.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Is it possible to “bulk export” assets from a single blend file?

Let’s say for example I have a blend file with 100 shaders inside, can I export all of those as separate entries in the library?

Are you planning more functionalities for the blender exporter, such as custom image previews for example?

And thanks for Connecter, I am enjoying it really a lot!

Hi Bernardo,

Yes, you can export multiple assets from a single file. I turned a huge kitbash into hundreds of separate elements in just a few minutes (OK, half an hour, but my PC sucks).

We have plans for advanced features of the export, but for now we are gathering feedback and based on it, we will decide what to impement first.

Thank you!


Hi, I have been using connecter for the last few days at first I did not know what to think of it, but now I must admit I am super impressed with the features and the ease of use of this software. There is a blender addon. It is definitely ahead of everyone else in terms of organizing and adding assets in blender. The best part of this it is free.
I have thousands of blend files assets and materials and now all neatly organized. I know there are many asset managers but my eyes are not what they used to be and I can see the items better with this addon.
Here is a video I ran across in youtube which is how I found out about this software.

Hi Ector,

Thank you for the kind words!

Can you share other asset manager that you’ve tried? I don’t have much experience with Blender specific managers and I think there aren’t many that standalone apps like Connecter. It will be interesting to check a few.

Thank you!

Plamen_Barzev, in my blender addon folder right now I have: simple asset manager, asset wizard and asset management (paid). I really appreciate the work these people put into creating these addons. None of these are stand-alone I had no idea I could use the features of the connecter addon until I started using it.
Why do I have all three of these addons? well… some material assets will not append in one, but append fine in the other. The view of the assets tree maybe easier on my eyes on this addon better than this other addon, One addon may render previews better than the other, so on and so on…
With connecter I find I have a beautiful view of my assets and the ability to make one thumbnail
full screen if I need to. When your eyes get tired of looking at the screen this sort of things matter. Also all my assets append fine including some that could not be added to the scene with any of the addons mentioned above. With connecter adding, saving materials and objects to the scene is just awesome
Thanks again for the connecter addon.

So far its been really good asset manager addon that works with many softwares out of the box, there is some odd cases where blender connecter addon however does not start exporting and rendering thumbnail if you want to override earlier asset with same name.

Also more user preference options would be nice to have like ability to select default render settings for thumbnails etc.

Anyone managed to run this on linux with wine?