Connecting 2 Bones in blender 2.49b?

Hello im rigging a playable model for my game and i want to know if it is somehow possible to replace the dots that connect 2 bones with a normal bone in blender 2.49b?

Like you see this bone is connected to another bone but between those 2 are these dots, i want to replace those dots with a stickbone like you can see in picture 2 but i dont know how to do that, and i want to know if it is possible to do that without deleteting the whole bone and just making a new one (i went throught a horrible weightpainting thats why).

Can someone help??



Hey, That dotted line is a relationship line - meaning it is the ‘child’ of another bone but is not connected, you DON’T replace it. Best if you watched some tutorials on this stuff.