Connecting 2 objects like a T

Good evening,

I have a question about connecting 2 objects.
I am currently working on a tire project and want to connect 2 different objects, but I get a weird shading issue like you can see in the picture below. I also included a picture of the geometry.
I use the SStep option from Hard Ops. (Autosmooth 60°)

I hope you can help me to get rid of this issue,



It could be a lot of things. First go into edit mode of the object that you have shading issues with and press W -> ‘Remove Doubles’, then while still in edit mode press Ctrl + N to recalculate the normals. If this doesn’t solve the problem then check if any of the modifiers are causing this by turning them off, one by one. In case none of the given solutions can help you I strongly suggest that you only upload parts of the file that you’re having troubles with and I’m sure the community will gladly take a look and solve the problem for you.

I know that this was posted almost three weeks ago but hey… at least I tried.