Connecting Bezier Curves

Is it possible to connect bezier curves? Like if I created an outline of something and mirrored it and wanted to connect the two? I tried using the C key as specified in the tutorial but it doesn’t connect the 2 pieces. All I get is a 2 filled in (of the outlined objects) sections, like it was closed and finalized.


Select the Back CV of the left-hand curve and the Front CV of the R-H curve and hit F. If you need to switch direction on any of them it’s W in Edit mode.


Great, thanks! It worked great for the top, but now the bottom doesn’t want to work.

I recieve: ERROR: Can’t make segment

Any ideas?

To close the curve use the “c” key


That seemed fairly obvious :expressionless: Ok… Last question: How do I join Meshes with Curves?

You can’t join objects of different types although you can parent them. You can however convert your curve to a mesh (alt-c in object mode) and then join the two meshs.