Connecting halo vertices with other objects....

Hey guys I need some help with understanding about the halo’s and the way that they can connect to other objects.

The situation I’m in is I’m modeling a robot and the joints are not connected to the body much like Rayman, but they have a halo object between them giving off light. So I want to know how I can animate the arms to be able to move and pull the halo with where it is being moved, this way it can make it look like the light “energy” is what moves the arms, I’ll post the attachment of a render of what I have so far so that you can see what I’m talking about.

A bit of what I’m going to be adding is, lips for the bottom light and a glass case for it, the most complicated part on this model will be the eye/face which will have an oval glass cover with different sized, colored lights, also camera lense type things that will be able to move for close ups through the glass.

Also just for interest this is another model in production for my series called A Robots World, this will probably be the least organic thing in the whole series that will most likely span over a good hundred shorts. Each short will explain the story, and move through it with lots of action, I’m finished story boarding, detailing, and I’m getting into the scripting once I finish 15 shorts…

Anyone looking to help me with this huge project is welcome to PM me and I’ll give you some examples of what is going on, a couple models (though I’m going to make a thread for the whole series) The series will be entirely free of charge to download, and seed, and it is the first project coming out of Dx3 Media


Don’t know much but you may be looking for “hooks”