Connecting intersecting edges?

Hello! I have the following problem:

I have two intersecting edges in about form “X”. Is there a tool for finding the crossing point of edges, and connect the intersecting edges via that point? one of the edges
2. press ‘k’ and select the knife tool
3. while holding down ‘Ctrl’ click near one of the vertices on the edge that isn’t selected
4. while still holding down ‘Ctrl’ click near the other vertice of the edge that isn’t selected
5. press enter

Now you should have a vertice exactly at the intersection of the two edges. Now repeat the steps 1-5 for the other edge and then join the vertices created

There’s also the Geom Tool script that can do line intersections (and much more). I haven’t tested it with recent Blender versions, but if it still works, it’s nice to use.