Connecting objects (Corvette tutorial)

Hello Casey! I am also doing that same course in blender 2.8. I have got a problem, please help me. i am not being able to connect the below vertices(with F)

I’m guessing they might be multiple different objects, that would likely be your problem. Either merge the objects, or for performance reasons you might want to keep them as separate objects in which case it’s best to just extrude from one and vertex snap to the vertex of the other object.

Thank u so much!

I need your help again man. How can i create faces below:

I did it bro by joining both the object

Yep, it would make sense to only separate into sepparate objects pieces that on a real physical car would be individual too, ie. held together via bolts or such. Pieces that would be welded together would have to be the same object.

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Brother i need your help again. I followed the tutorial as is it, tried to fixed it, but also couldn’t fix it. Also can we connect more in other apps?

What do you mean connect?

Here’s the idea, you model a single solid piece that just offeres curvature, then you model the detailed panels over it, using shrinkwrap modifier where neccessary to follow curvature perfectly:

OK thank you! Connect mean viber or whatsapp

You can PM me here. I don’t really use any IM’s though.

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Sure brother.

Mate after not finding solution anywhere, I focused on other tutorials. Now i am re-doing it. Again, got the same problem. I have marked the problem. The guide mesh tears up and it brothers a lot.

That looks like flipped normals to me. Try selecting all the faces to the one side of the line/seam and recaluclate the normals. You can also try enabling the overlay display for normals so we can get a better view.

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Thank you so much <3

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