Connecting the body parts and then tweaking it

Here I will be posting a screenshot of the female character base here (the normal background image) that I will be modeling

What are the tools and options used to connect the arms and legs and to tweak the shape that you wanted to be (The muscle of the arms and the breasts for her)

Although I didn’t make the feet yet so the arms and legs will come first

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I think you’d want an armature.

This tutorial is a little outdated, but it’s fairly easy to follow the steps:

Okies I did looked it up, but the armature is for posing the mesh of the character and to moving the parts on whatever you wanted to pose

What I’m talking about is how you wanted to shape the body of the character you wanted to grab onto whatever parts (I apologized that it kinda confused you)

But if you can point to someone else that knows about it I can gladly talk to him/her

Thanks :slight_smile:

You click on all meshes in object mode and click Ctrl J to join. You then connect them vert by vert in edit mode. I would suggest extruding the arms and legs from the body in the first place though to avoid this problem.

Thanks Jutomana and I did watched the YouTube clips of it and saw how that works so I will post a new thread with a screenshot for a help asking :wink: