connecting two objects to each other

Hi, everyone. I’m modelling a fairly simple human from reference pictures. When it came to modelling the hands, I deicded to make them a separate object from the body (so I could put the hands and body in two separate layers - to make the body invisible, so I could see the reference picture clearly when modelling the hand). However, when I tried to select four vertices (two from the hand, two from the arm on the body) and make a face, it wouldn’t let me. So I selected the two objects, and went Object > Join Objects. I could then make a face between the hand and the body, but whenever I set the vertices to “Set Smooth”, a very clear line between the hand and the body can be seen. Is there any way of rectifying this?

I’ve uploaded the blend file. Sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong section.



ndemakis.blend (149 KB)


You are experiencing a normals problem. Select all your vertices
and hit CTRL+N to recalculate your normals outside.

Hope this helps.

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Many, many thanks, pixeltwist. That’s sorted it.