Connecting Uneven loops on reptoplogy?

So im trying to connect the arm to the shoulder/body but the loops are at a odd number is there a way I can connect them without redoing anything? I have the reptoflow addon maybe that has a feature that can help me?

All you have to do is reduce the edge flow :slight_smile:

Thank I was looking for something like this but… Im afraid that it would look weird or not work right because it would be un symmetrical to have one radomly on the base of the body or along the joint? I just ran into this problem again trying to attach the pinky finger.

Heres a example of what I often get stuck on how can I apply that to this situation?

Sorry I keep mis interpreting your situation. This is the correct topology

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Sorry Im really confused looking at the first image I really appreciate your help tho should it be 2 - 1?

While im not sure this is the one i should use It looks like it has n gons to me so… when i subdivide the whole model, it will fix it?

I dont think the second method will work for me because the line would go along the head making the lines uneven

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That 2-1 has tris, but no ngons. It’s best to use quads only but occasionally you have to use tris. I just noticed my second image has 1 ngon, which makes it unusable. (I’m a lot better at topology when I’m not trying to draw it on my phone :sweat_smile:) if I’ve counted your loops right, this is the one you want to use:

Can you post some pics of your current model?

You should aim for some sort of standardized polygon sizes on most of your model relative to the detail, this will make it easier to join pieces at the same detail level and will also make subdividing a mesh more predictable.

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Thank you for all your help with my confusing explanations, I think ive made some progress patching up my model’s inconsistencys using various edge loop reduction methods. And sorry I dont like showing my model quite yet :sweat_smile:

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